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Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend/Diaper Shower!

What a fun weekend!

Friday Night: Date with Seth at Yoko's! Yummmm!! I really did enjoy it so much and its SO close to our house! We had never been before, but I know we'll be going back. I love nights where we can go out at a good time, enjoy a great meal and be home by 7! I know, 7 is early - but I was so tired Friday night after work that I just wanted to be home. So, we watched Robin Hood. : ) I'm trying to get used to watching "boy movies" since I'm going to be the mother of one soon... but I still can't really get into a whole movie about war! Seth really enjoyed it though, so it was worth watching.

Saturday: Great day with friends at my diaper shower. I really do have the best friends in the entire world. Each of them is absolutley beautiful and so unique! So, we had a great day and I felt so blessed by all the diapers we were given!! I feel much more prepared for Hayes now. Thanks girls! Here are some pictures from the shower:

Here are all the hosts with me... yes, my face really looks that PREGNANT. Can't do anything about it... haha!

Me and Jenna... sweet sweet Jenna!

Other great friends, enjoying the amazing food...

Sunday: Well, believe it or not - I was exhausted Sunday from all the showering on Saturday. But, Mom was here... so after church we went shopping and had a good time (although I was no fun!). Then, OEC for dinner... Yes, Japanese food twice in one weekend... it was amazing. I'm enjoying this last bit of eating more than I would ever let myself, since I'm already bigger than I hope to ever be again!!

Really looking forward to this week - maybe I'll do one big post on Thursday/Friday to tell you all about it. Great things in store for this week!

OH and today we are at 36 weeks! I never thought we'd get here!! I hear that this is when time stops and I'll feel like the next 4 weeks take forever... but at least there is a light at the end of the tunnel and will have to be here soon!!! Be praying for us as we get all the small details worked out and prepare to bring Hayes home.
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