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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Church Shower

Sunday afternoon we had our church shower for Baby Hayes! Every detail of this shower was so special. The ladies who hosted this shower are such God-fearing, wise women - who have been such an encouragment in my life. Here are some pictuers from the shower:

This cake has a sweet little baby (Hayes) napping on cute!!



Here is Hayes' Room!! The Prices' came to help us hang everything on Saturday. What I love the most about his room is that every part of it has a story. Being super picky, I wanted to have his bedding made. So, I picked out some fabric with mom and she made all the bedding! Isn't it so sweet? I love it...
These letters I saw in Pottery Barn Baby Magazine but they said "bebe" (french for baby). So, I did some research and found some grapevine and Melinda helped me mold/make them!


There isn't really a good story here... I had been looking for curtains and wanting some similar to these.  I like them more each day, but well, they do their job! That chair and stuff won't be there... and Seth's dad is fixing a bookcase that needed some help. It goes in the middle of the window with that little lamp and books on it.
 These shelves were a made by Seth's Uncle and given to us, last Christmas 2009. I've gotten picked on for not hanging them and waiting to long... but now they have the perfect place in our home and I'm glad we waited! We put some fun toys up there for now. And the changing table - look how cute! I love it- Mom got all those baskets and they are filled with diapers and other necessary items from showers, etc...

I love this corner... The chair was my Christmas present from Seth's parents... it is so comfortable!! And Seth's dad made those picture frames and Seth's mom painted them. They are so  beautiful and match perfectly! Now, we just need little pictures to put in them. We got little lamps for the room and a little side table (we stole from living room - we never used it anyway).  It is perfect... I love it! I would've taken the pictures with the lamps turned on, it makes all the color seem sweeter. But, then you couldn't see anything! So, there is our baby room for now! Soon, hopefully very soon, it will have a baby in it!!

Then on Tuesday - I had a "work shower". All the ladies of Medtronic went to Stix (yummy restaurant in Jackson) and ate, and had this precious cake! They were so sweet to do this - such fun ladies!!

So, that was last weekend/some of this week! It snowed last night and it is still on the ground today. I was hoping it was snow so much I couldn't come in to work today. But, then I wouldn't have blogged! So, maybe it was a good thing after all.

Be praying for us - we know that if Hayes hasn't come on his own then we will induce on February 24th. That is exactly 2 weeks from today. So, pray for encouragement and endurance for me! At least I know this can only last for 2 more weeks... I'm starting to get more tired and its much harder to do ... everything! But, I haven't complained too much the whole time, so I don't want to start now! I just want him to come and I'd love for it to be before the 24th.

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