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Saturday, December 28, 2013

New Years Resolution.... Check

I began a New Year's Resolution in January - probably like most of you. I also thought, like most of you, I'll do this for a while - forget about it - and it'll be over.

Not so this year.

The Resolution: Read a book a month.

I'm a terrible reader. I can find ANYTHING else to do besides read. Clean, Facebook, Clean, Cook, Clean... clean... I really like to clean. So, this challenge was two-fold. To finally start reading some of these awesome books my friends tell me about and to help my OCDness about cleaning.

No worries. I'm still fitting in all that cleaning.

But, I've made myself sit down during Hayes' nap time and read - for at least 10-30 minutes a day.

It has been so refreshing. So, I thought I'd share my journey with you. At least the books I've read and maybe a sentence or two about how the Lord spoke to me in that particular season/book.

January - Ten Thousand Gifts - Ann Voskamp
I HIGHLY recommend this book. If you have not read it, go ahead - leave this blog - go read it and then come back. Amazing amazing amazing concept. So thankful for it and am still not over it.

February - Praying Circles Around Your Children - Mark Batterson
Such a neat book. Took me like 2 hours to read it so I had a nice break in February. But, Seth and I got to think about some specific truths we wanted to pray for Hayes in... and then put those into action.

March- The Church Planting Wife - Christine Hoover
Well, I thought I was reading this book because Katie Reno recommended it and I needed a book. But, little did I know, God was using it to prepare me for our next chapter in life. So, when we were called and asked if we would pray about planting a church with Reno…I knew exactly what we were being asked to do… which helped me be excited but understand all the ups/downs that come along with the journey. And to trust God, because He is faithful, to see us through.

April - Fresh Air - Chris Hodges
Very Refreshing. Can't remember a lot of it but I liked it. : ) Encouraging.

May - Real Marriage - Mark Driscol
Good if you have been married a few years. I think it'd be discouraging to read otherwise.

June- Lineage of Grace - Francine Rivers
I really loved this book till the end. Its fiction but it gave some neat perspective to the Word and the faithful women in lineage of Jesus.

July - A Little Satly to Cut the Sweet - Sophie Hudson.  Cute. Fun. Short. Sweet. Southern. A break from the heavier reading for just a good ole summer book.
          The Shack - W. Paul Young.  I wish I had been warned about the beginning and the extremely tragic events that occur… but after that…. and when I look back on it, I really enjoyed the read. I liked it. I would say it was an interesting new way to think about my relationship with Jesus and at the same time, not take it too literal and just enjoy the read.

August - Tangible Kingdom - Hugh Halter.  A life changing way to think about the way you do ministry.  Really opened my eyes to those around me and to serve others and love others.

September: Praise Habit - David Crowder
Just a good book to stop and ponder how awesome God is... needing something very different.  It was neat to read a Psalm and then read his perspective on it and his funny stories.

October: The Chronicles of Narnia - The Silver Chair and The Last Battle C.S. Lewis
The Silver Chair - it was not my favorite of the books but there is always one part the Lord uses in it to show me something about me, Him - life - in a new way. So, in that manner, I did like it a lot.

The Last Battle - I read this so fast. I was excited. Then mad. And in the end, overjoyed. Amazed. Awakened to truths that had not thought on before. Loved this book and thrilled that I finally finished the series.

November: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels - Ree Drummond The Pioneer Woman 
I adore Ree. My goodness. She is too fun. And her love story - wow. I hope it was as wonderful in real life as she writes about it. This book made me laugh and I could not put it down!

December: The Greatest Gift, Ann Voskamp. Ending the year how I started it. Katie Reno sent me this daily devotional that is about Advent and just preparing your heart for the Christmas season. Ann Voskamp is talented beyond explanation. You need to read her books! It's elegant, eye-opening, and simply beautiful.

Thankfully, The Lord impressed on my heart to read through His word every year. I've used a few different plans over the years, but for about the last 3 years I have used the One Year Chronological NLT Bible. For me, reading the Word in the order it happened has helped me understand the Bible more and really grow in my walk with the Lord. It just makes sense to me!

Also, I read Jesus Calling every year… I should probably find a new devotional but the Lord still uses this one every day in my life and I love it!

So, overall - that's 16 books and more than I ever thought I could read in a year. Granted, some were short and really fast reads, but each book was good for me in the season I needed it.

My friends keep asking if I'll do this again this year. (Big sigh). I don't know. I don't have my heart set on it like I did this time last year. I have new job that I'm blessed to have and enjoy very much, so nap time will be probably be all taken up with work instead of reading! Maybe I'll try and do a 6 books… give myself 2 months per book… we'll see. I'm just amazed I was able to keep this resolution and sit here at the end of 2013 and know I completed a huge goal. Whew. Glad it's over and it's journey I'm very thankful for.

So, Happy New Year's… Here's to completing resolutions and to not even making them!

Thursday, December 12, 2013


We are much closer to our BIG move to Conway. I wanted to share God's faithfulness with you. So, in my last blog I told you we were called to move and we would be raising support to live for the first 2 years. Well… we have had 2 support dinners and lots of conversations and dinners over the past few months. Several of you have decided to join us this journey by supporting us and we are so thankful for you. So many of you are praying with us to sell our home and find a house in Conway. Praying for our transition and all the details. Thank you. The body of Christ has been so gracious and loving to us and we will never be the same because of you.

… so where are we in faith journey?

From what we know… we are about doing very well on support raising. So many families have decided to come alongside us to provide monthly. Many have given generous one time gifts. Churches have decided to bless us and be part of this journey.

We are humbled. We prayed that God would provide and we knew we didn't know what form that would come in. But, it has come in the form of loving friends and family who trust God and believe he will accomplish what he has called us to.

Did our house sell?

This is a fun one. No. It has not. And I cannot complain. I've watched dear friends who have houses that have been sitting on the market much longer than ours has been and I've watched how God used this season to grow their faith. So, it has not sold but we continue to pray and trust that it will in His timing. On that note, if you know anyone who wants to buy a house in Brandon - give us a call. : )

So, where will we live?

Well, I have the greatest news. A couple of weeks ago, Seth got a phone call from Kyle (pastor of The Summit Conway). A family who goes to The Summit "just happens" to have a rental house in Conway and it was available. So, they are hoping to make this a home for college girls to live in and disciple in - come next school year, but from January - July, we get to live there - rent free.



Our God is faithful. He is provider. He sees all our needs, and in His timing, provides all we need.

The house needed a little TLC.. and as Katie Reno called it "Extreme Makeover" began today. Our church family in Conway are tearing out bathrooms and carpet and making us a home. Again, humbling. It's really overwhelming to experience love from people who don't know you at all but they just serve you because they love Christ and want to be His love to you.

They are working extremely hard. We hope to be in Conway mid-January!

Look at this crazy - awesome group of guys. 

I got to see these pictures and no more…

AND… another "just so happened" - I got a job that allows me to work from home (and anywhere…) and have Hayes with me. Only God can do that… So, praise the Lord. He provides. He is faithful!! 

So many people have asked "So, what will you be doing till then?' 

Great question. Seth's last day at Crossgates is December 17th. We love our Crossgates family and will miss them so much. They have really blessed us with their love in our last few weeks with them. We will never be able to know or explain all the Lord has done in and through us these past 5 years. Thank you Crossgates. 

From there - we will do Christmas with our families, drive to Conway for a short visit and then come back to Brandon and rest till the BIG move. 

If you will, please continue to pray for us. We need your prayers. We know we can't do any of this without God and we don't want to! Pray in the midst of the change we stay connected to the One who never changes! That we have His peace this during this season. That we experience His love through our transition. That we have His favor on lives as we meet new friends in Conway. That our lovely home in Brandon sells… that we find a home in Conway before July! For our families. For The Summit Conway as we begin as a church. 

This is the greatest journey God has ever taken me on, personally. It has called me to take what I "know" about faith and live it out. To trust God and believe He will do what He says He will. To know him intimately as FAITHFUL and PROVIDER. To not worry or be anxious for anything but in everything to pray… and to have His peace rule in my heart - and it has. I'm so thankful for this journey and we are just in the beginning. I'm thankful for the growth. 

We love y'all. Thanks for reading… I pray you have a very Merry Christmas and that you get to experience Jesus' love this Christmas. 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Our journey to Conway, AR

Seth and I have been on quite the journey over the past year. If you haven't heard, we have accepted the call to move to Conway, AR where Seth will be the Worship Pastor of The Summit Church - Conway - a church plant.

There are so many details to this that I would love to share, but I will try and keep it contained to just a few.

The Lord has been preparing us for this next step in our life forever, I think. Just this year, I decided to take on a New Year's resolution to read a book every month. In March or April, I read "The Church Planting Wife" because Katie Reno suggested it and I needed a book to read. As I was reading it, I remember not having a clue why I was reading all of this church planting stuff but, since Katie and Kyle were church planting I decided it must be so that I would know how to pray for them. So, I did. Little did I know, God was using this book and this time to prep me for the next step.

Kyle Reno, a good friend of ours and former co-worker with Seth, set off back in April to Little Rock, AR to be part of The Summit Church and decide from there where to plant a church. We were thrilled for them. Anyone who knows Kyle just knows that he has an annoiting on his life to preach the gospel and make disciples in a very refreshing way. He is passionate to the core and church planting will be right up his alley. Well, Kyle called Seth and just asked him to think about joining the team to plant a church in Conway.

Just think about it.

 I love this part of the story... The day after Kyle called Seth, I was driving to Hattiesburg. So, with the long ride ahead, I called my Sister-in-law. We talked for a bit and she told me about her best friend moving away and just left it vague  - we were focusing more on our struggles and how we could encourage one another. So, at the very end of our conversation, out of curiosity and some compelling force that I cannot explain (aside from the Holy Spirit) - I just asked Susan "where is your friend moving?"

Su- "Have you ever heard of  Conway, AR?"

Have I? Ha! I was shocked. Amazed. I could not say anything about why THAT town was so significant to me at that moment. I just said yes and moved on in conversation. But when we hung the phone up I just could not get over how God Almighty orchestrated that very conversation and detail to confirm in my heart that we would be moving to Conway.

We fasted and prayed. Visited and prayed. Came home and prayed. We searched the scriptures. Prayed. We spent a lot of time with the Lord in this decision. And, all we can tell you is that we know for certain that God is calling us to Conway, AR to be a part of this team.

Another fun story for me to share is the last time we in Conway and Seth was meeting with their elders. To help you understand why what this was a big deal... here is some background. We would have liked to had this meeting the week before but for some scheduling issues, had to move it to August 29th. Didn't seem like any big thing to me... till this happened: I was running on a treadmill reading my One Year Bible when I read this verse..." Stay here in this land. If you do, I will build you up and not tear you down; I will plant you and not uproot you."

Stay HERE, in THIS land? 

If you follow a One Year Bible plan, you know that I don't pick what I read... I just open the bible to the day. To August 29th when I was reading this particular passage where I was told to stay in this land and will be planted and built up... 

There are so many stories just like this one... and Seth has stories like this too. They are our confirmation from the Lord that we are to pick up and move and be part of something much bigger than either of us. And for the advancement of God's Kingdom. We are honored, privileged, amazed and humbled to be part of this work.

This position does not come with a salary initially so we have prayerfully decided to raise support for the next 2 years.  We believe that since God has called us, He will be faithful to provide all we need. After all, He always has. If you will please join us in prayer. We need your prayers. Pray for us as we transition (moving is hard and I naturally do not enjoy change...). Pray for Hayes. Pray for our home to sell. Pray for us to find a home there. Pray for favor on our lives in Conway - that people would be drawn to the Christ in us. Pray for our team - they are great, wonderful people. And please, join with us in praying for those will support us for 2 years. That God bless their lives and remind them that they cannot out give God. If God is leading you to be part of financial support for us, we couldn't thank you enough.

  That we would quickly sell our house in Brandon, MS.

  That we would quickly find a home in Conway, AR. 

  That individuals, families, and churches would partner with us financially over the next two years. 

  That our transition from one church to another and from one city to the next would be filled with peace and joy. 

  For our family as well as our extended families as we move at least 5 hours apart from one another.

  our position does not initially come with a salary. As we are part of the team and planting process, we will be raising our own financial support. We have decided to raise $40,000 per year for the next 2 years.
  There are several ways to support us financially: you can give a one time gift OR set up to contribute a monthly gift for the next 12-24 months. These will be tax deductible and will go through The Summit Church.

  If you would like to write a check please make it out to “The Summit Church” and write “Conway - Seth Price” in the memo line.

  If you would like to give online:

1.     Go to and click on the GIVE tab at the bottom. Set up an account with your email address and log in.
2.     Next type in the amount you would like to give, how often you would like to give and when you would like to give.
3.     Next type your amount again into the fund titled “CONWAY” and in the “optional description” type the name “Seth Price”
4.     Add your method of payment.
5.     Review your giving and then receive your receipt for tax purposes.
If you have set up recurring giving in the past and need to adjust the amount, date, method of payment or frequency, find the second tab on the Give Now screen, called “Manage Scheduled Giving” When you click on the “Manage Scheduled Giving” tab, you will see your scheduled gift listed. To the far right is the word “Actions”. Underneath you will find a picture of a pencil next to a red dot. Click on the pencil to EDIT your schedule. Click on the red dot beside it to Deactivate your scheduled gift. To add a new checking account or credit card, Choose “Manage Payment Methods” on the top right.  Contact
if you have questions.

Here is a quick video about what we will get to be part of.

He who calls you is faithful; he will surely do it.
1 Thessalonians 5:24

Saturday, March 16, 2013

adventures of a new camera = poor hayes

So... I got a new camera!!! I am thrilled about the new adventures and possibilities that come with it! If you are a photographer and have any tips, help! I'm reading the manual and so many blogs... so all help/tips are greatly appreciated.
And might we say... Poor Hayes. Most of the time he is my only subject. So, his life will be well captured. Sometimes, when I point the camera at him, he grunts at me and says "no!"
Here are some of my favorites from today... How cute is he??

Monday, November 12, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas Cards...

I look forward to this season all year long. I'm sorta one of those people who rushes Thanksgiving to get to Christmas! Sorry - I know that bothers most of the world - but Christmas just feels magical to me!

I've already started my Christmas shopping and making my Christmas cards. If you haven't ever tried Tiny Prints, they offer great Christmas Cards and are super user friendly! I'm going to post some of my favorite cards so you can see just how cute they are! Tiny Prints is also great at special offers - check them out!

 Simple. Classic. Says it all!
 So Merry and Happy!
Aren't they magical!? And these are just the beginning of the countless cards available.

Here is a sneak peak of our Christmas pictures...
Now that is magical!! Ohh... bless my heart!!

Anyway back to Tiny Prints..
Check them out on any of these social networks:

•             Facebook 
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I hope this gives you a head start and some ideas for your Christmas Cards this year! 

'Tis the Season!

*Christmas card images are from Tiny Prints 
This post is sponsored by Tiny Prints. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


God is so good.

Ephesians 3:16-19   
 I pray that from his glorious, unlimited resources he will empower you with inner strength through his Spirit. Then Christ will make his home in your hearts as you trust in him. Your roots will grow down into God’s love and keep you strong.  And may you have the power to understand, as all God’s people should, how wide, how long, how high, and how deep his love is. May you experience the love of Christ, though it is too great to understand fully. Then you will be made complete with all the fullness of life and power that comes from God.

Last week I saw God use His glorious, unlimited resources to empower a team of people with inner strength through His Spirit. We experienced the love of Christ! We prayed and saw our prayers answered. We were used by God as His hands and feet and we were very blessed by friends there who served us as well. I am so encouraged and filled with joy as I'm writing this blog. Every moment of last week was great and I feel brought glory to God. 

We worked with DeepStream Ministries in Buena Vista - a small village that is filled with beautiful people that desperately need food, houses, education but most desperately, Jesus.  Mark and Gina Schmidt and their 5 amazing children are the "Advocates" (they prefer this reference vs missionary b/c they see the needs and advocate to others to also help!).  They are building a center called Educate BV that will house their 7-9th grade school for the village. They will be able to serve these children a meal, allow them to bathe there, and have a community room for any seminars that need to take place. See, Mark said he felt like he was helping people, but just one need at a time - like putting a band-aid on a situation. He wanted to know how to help change their situation. Through Educate BV children will be scholar-shipped to stay in school longer, thus providing more education. They will learn about diseases and proper foods to eat. They will be set up to be successful so they can come back and bless their families and their village. All of this while being loved and served by Mark and Gina who love God so much and follow as He leads. So, I know these students will know the love of Christ and raise their children to know and love Him too. 

While working with Mark and Gina, we helped distribute food baskets to families who have no food. One woman, Xiomara, was in a desperate situation and began crying out to God to provide food her and her children. She had put her trust and hope in ex-husbands, prostitution, and missionaries for far too long. As she and a friend were praying, our group walked up to her home and knocked on her door with 2 food baskets. She saw her prayer answered immediately and trusted that God loved her and sees her and cares deeply for her. She accepted Christ as her Savior 2 days later.

The first day we spent time with Caesar, a man who is on his deathbed and can only move one hand. He seeks the Lord with all His heart and wants to live for His glory all the days of His life. Caesar has a wife and children – all who will be without him shortly. But, God is so faithful. Caesar’s prayer was that He would be able to share Christ all His life and God has brought people from all over to his home, so he can preach. Sitting at this man’s side was like sitting next to the apostle Paul. Caesar is blind, but shared more scripture from memory than anyone I know. He loves God’s word and feeds on it every moment. I took as many notes as possible and pray God will bless him and his family. 

Tuesday-Thursday we built 4 homes for 4 great families who otherwise, would not have a home. Each of their stories was sad but knowing that the Pastor in the village saw their need and wanted to bless them so they would know God loves them gave them hope! That's what I loved about building these homes. They may or may not remember us - who cares! - as long as they remember that God sent His servants to lovingly build them a home for their family because He loves them. Amen. 

We spent time at an orphanage, loving and feeding babies who need precious families of their own. It was an honor to serve alongside the workers there and just pour out the Father’s love on them. I pray these children know the love of God and that whoever adopts them would be Christ following parents.

Those were our planned events, but God always has a way of throwing a few more unplanned events in trips. Our driver, Alfredo, is a pastor in Chimaltenango, where our group stayed. He is currently not in a church and is in desperate need for money to support his family. Alfredo is so humble, fun and kind. He constantly brought a smile to my face as he served and loved alongside our group. He preached for us the last night and my takeaway from that was to bless others because I am blessed.  He said, “The politicians always say they will do this or that and never do. Don’t be like them.” That hit me deep. I can relate to that. I say I will do something and then I don’t. So, my challenge is to bless others because God has so greatly blessed me. 

I feel like there is so much more! But, that is all my brain and think through right now! Just pray for these ministries and people with me. I love them and God loves them more.


 Dedicating Homes...