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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I'm a terrible blogger... So - today you will get a ton of updates!

So much has happened since our post. I'm 34 weeks pregnant now - and very read for William Hayes Price to arrive! His room has been painted and is almost done being decorated! We have a few final touches, then we will be all done!! Seth and I beyond excited and ready for this baby to arrive. Your prayers are much appreciated!!

Jeremy becomes a Lawyer!
So, in November, my brother Jeremy past the bar and was sworn in to be a lawyer! Yay - Congrats Jeremy! It was a very joyful day for my family and here are some neat pictures.

So proud of you Jeremy! So, if you need a lawyer - Call him!

Barlow Thanksgiving/Christmas
The Holidays were so exciting for us! All of my family came to Brandon for Thanksgiving and then we all traveled to Hattiesburg to see our families there. We went to my Aunt Margarette's house and ate amazing food and then all played some crazy bag toss game that I was terrible at  - but the boys in my life loved. Baby Peyton got to meet lots of his cousins for the first time and he was just precious! Then, my family all came back to Brandon and had Christmas the next day, after shopping and finding great deals on Black Friday, of course. Having LeLe and Peyton at Christmas was so fun and we can't wait till Hayes is with them all next year!

 The entire family! What a nice looking group!
 Sweet Susan, Papa Gerald and me.
 Me and my brothers with Baby Peyton
 The bag toss game - My dad, 2 brothers and husbands all played a round together.

 Sweet baby Peyton and Susan at Barlow Christmas - getting ready to open presents!

Price Christmas

Then, Seth and I had our own Christmas on Christmas Eve morning. I love waking him up early so I can go open presents. Seth is such a thoughtful gift giver - and he made me the coolest window thing to put all my jewelry on! We still have yet to hang in it the bathroom - but we will - and I am looking forward to being able to see all my earrings! I know that sounds silly to all you boys,  but I know the girls understand. We both got new shoes and other happies. Seth got a drill/saw/thing - that he has already put to great use!

After our Christmas, we traveled to Kosciusko for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!! Everyone knows how much I love Kosciusko and its "magic" and this Christmas was no different! We had a great time with all of Seth's family and were so excited about our fun Christmas presents. We had Christmas morning breakfast with Melinda's family, which is such a fun and relaxed time. Then, we napped around till dinner and had an amazing dinner at Seth's Aunt Peggy's house - with all of Papa  Earl's family. There are 9 (I think) little boys that are so fun - and they always keep us on our toes, but each of them are so sweet and I'm excited Hayes will have some buddies to play with in the upcoming years!

 Our Christmas Tree - I know its blurry, but I wanted you to be able to see the lights!
 The pretty mantle - yes, Melinda painted that Santa Clause - we love it!!

 Haha - Look how pregnant I am! There he is!
 Seth already putting that drill to use....
 My jewelry window!
 This is Maggie, Seth's dog in Kosciusko - opening her presents!

 Finally - As many of you know, Seth wears these shoes out! So, he really needed some new ones!
Seth's parents started a neat tradition for us last year. Crossgates always does an awesome missions giving during the Christmas season, and the Prices donate/give in our name and always have some sort of item for us to remember it buy.

Seth's new pedal board! Whoo hoo! Now all his pedals can fit on one board!!


Seth and I had some time off after Christmas and decided we'd travel to Gatlinburg. We had so much  - it snowed a lot which led us to many new adventures and lots of stories. But, overall - we enjoyed being able to relax and just spend this time together before, as everyone says, life changes forever (for the better).

 Our cabin! Isn't it pretty!!

Cade's Cove...

Kosciusko Baby Shower

Seth's Aunt Peggy and cousin Pam through us the sweetest brunch. So many of Melinda's friend and family came and blessed us in such a huge way. We had a great time and are so thankful for each thoughtful gift and blessing we received. Not to mention, the food was so yummy!

Well - You should be pretty up to date on our life now! I hope to blog more often, but I can't promise that!! So, enjoy!! Baby Hayes will be in about 6 weeks, so maybe I will blog some of that experience!

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