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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Busy Weekend

Being married to a worship leader usually means that at least once a year, we get to go to a Disciple Now Weekend (DNow). So, Seth got the call a couple of months back and asked The Movement band to come with him. It was so fun - the band was incredible and I know it was a big blessing to the students. Worship was beautiful and I am so proud of the way the Lord uses Seth in allowing students to worship Him!

We did this Friday night and all day Saturday. Although, I decided to join the Crossgates Girls Ministry for a service morning at We Will Go Ministries in downtown Jackson. I had not seen Mrs. Amy (whose family started the ministry) since I'd been pregnant, so we had a great time catching up about that! But, being able to serve with our students and pray for some people in the area was such a blessing and encouragement to me. I love being able to serve in that way - and should go more often!

Sunday! Busy as usual, but wonderful! That night, we had a little birthday party for my beautiful friend Brittney Lide! I made a cake - from scratch - why? Just to prove to myself that I could! It was not very attractive looking, but everyone said it was wonderful : ) Yay. I'm becoming braver in the Kitchen... this could mean good things for my family or scary things... we'll keep you updated! Here is a picture of the cake:

And we are now 35 weeks pregnant!! Hayes will be here so soon!! I'm not sure that I really know what we're in for, but I know we're excited and that I'm very ready to get this journey started.

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