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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Summer Fun

Well Hello Again.

I am terrible at blogging.

Let's try to catch us all up!
We have been having a great summer. I am having a blast being at home with Hayes and enjoying every day of summer!! A while back Seth's mom, Melinda, came over and painted lots of furniture at my house. My dining room is amazing now! Here is a quick picture of the table (now white!) and a table runner I made that Melinda helped me with!

Then, Hayes had his first haircut!  He was super sleepy and we had ice cream to keep him distracted : ) Seemed to do the trick. Sweet little man...

 Just had to throw this in... Silly Hayes.
 Hayes is Seth's Number 1 helper. Here, they are fixing something (super important, I'm sure)...
 And this is the beginning of our Birthday Week at the beach!! We sat on this beautiful beach and watched the sunset. Happy Birthday to us...
 Best Chocolate Cake ever... Bravo, Thank you.
 Great book - I'm sure.... We watched the video series at a church camp we helped with. Highly recommend.
 Um... hello precious. Early morning on the beach with this angel.
 Having a great time with the band in Panama City Beach. Love my sweet friend Laura.

 Some Birthday presents in my newly redone dining room... LOVE THEM.
 Hi Hayes. Sure - Why not climb in the water hose thing...
 Chickfila host "Cow appreciation day" so, you dress us like a cow and get free food. Yes, please. My pleasure...

 Hayes' new favorite activities include anything in the garage. Wagon. Riding Lawn mower. So, when he wants out there, he stands at the door and cries. Pitiful baby.

Not that these pictures and short descriptions really update you on us... but at least you can see what we've been doing. We have really enjoyed about 2 weeks at home without much travel. And Hayes has been to the pool several times. He actually loves swimming so we have really enjoyed days at the pool. Seth and I leave for Guatemala in a few weeks. So, please keep us in your prayers as we get ready to serve down there. Especially as we are away from Hayes. That will be the hardest part for me!!

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