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Monday, June 4, 2012

Bye bye bye

We've been painting! Bye Red, it was terrible and we won't miss you. But we love the grey! My MIL will come next week and we will begin painting furniture to go in the dining room. I cannot wait for it to be done and to show you pictures! This is what we did pretty much all weekend. I'm sure there were other things - but this seemed to consume most of it. 

Another good bye... Our friends, the Gaglianos are gone now : ( But look at this sweet picture of Hayes and Lyric (same age)... looking out a window together. It speaks a thousand words to me... I miss them already but am excited for their new journey.

And apparently, Hayes would like to tell me "bye" and walk out the back yard. I doubt it. He is into everything now... and wanting to go everywhere he should not and do everything he cannot. But, he is still my sweet boy.

Pool time! This is becoming a daily adventure for me and Hayes. We go to the pool - for about an hour to get out as much of that energy as we possibly can. I think it is so precious when he sits in the big lay out chairs and eats his goldfish. Too cute.

Here are just a few for looks... 
Hayes wearing one of my favorite outfits. 
 And this adorable face... love all of his expressions!
 Also, Hayes had his 15 month shots today and I learned there will be no more till he is 5. Yay!! Thanks for that great news Dr. Joe! 

 Love y'all! Thanks for keeping up with us... I know its not much but it's our sweet and blessed life. 

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