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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Oh what a day!

I hope you have all had a great weekend so far. We have! It started Thursday night for us and has been packed with fun just about every second.

Our great friends, the Gaglianos are moving away : ( but we are super excited and happy for them. God is all over their new move and we can't wait to hear all He does through them. Thursday night was their going away party. Hayes and Lyric are the same age - here's some pictures from that night.

Friday we played at a water splash thing with the Albers. Their son Coen is a couple months older than Hayes and they had so much fun in the water. I, of course didn't bring a towel, rookie mistake, but we made it.
Then, we went to the church and Seth and Hayes played drums. Hayes' favorite thing ever is to play drums

Friday night we headed to Kosciusko to stay with Seth's family. My mother-in-law drove thru Hattiesburg earlier that day and so she picked up my favorite cookies from the best bakery ever. I ate 3 - and want more!!

Saturday - pool and naked boy day!! Hayes ran around their back yard and played in the little pool all day - and naked I should add. He ate his first Jody's cookie and first Popsicle - all in one day!! Good day for Hayes.

Seth and I went to a sweet friend's wedding while Hayes played in the pool. Beautiful bride, beautiful wedding and great friends.

That's our weekend so far!

I'm hoping to start painting the dining room this week - I'm thinking grey? Thoughts?

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