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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Here are a few little pictures and stories for this Tuesday. Not much going on - just a fun post.

Today I am keeping Lyric - my best friend's baby girl who was born the same day as Hayes. They move to Arkansas Monday : ( so I am super glad to have time with this little sweetheart before she leaves.

Also, Hayes is trying to climb everything. Here is a picture of him conquering the piano.

I need any summertime ideas for keeping Hayes entertained. Yesterday , we played in the sprinkler, went to e park, the gym, and then ended up at Seth's office. It's gonna be a long week!! Hayes can't sit at home - he gets bored fast.

And in other news - I want to make this cool palette thing. I have a good wall for it and I love the look! Pinterest project + Seth, here we come!! Not to mention we are in the middle of repainting our dining room... Busy days!!

Hope you have a fun day! I've got my hands full but am so thankful!!

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  1. I love the home renovations! I LOVE the picture wall. I can't wait to see all the changes. Much Love - Susan