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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I am terrible at this... but hopefully (one day) I will get better.  A friend of mine has started blogging more and that has encouraged me too...

Mr. Hayes turned one (a month ago) and here are a few snapshots from his big day! We had so much fun! I felt so blessed having friends and family from all over come to celebrate our little guy's day. I told Seth it was like our wedding all over again - getting to see such sweet people who mean so much to us. 

Spring break was last week and each member of the Price Family did something different. Hayes went to Kosciusko to stay with The Prices (Seth's parents) and he had a blast! Seth went camping all by himself which would be miserable to me, but he really enjoys it. And I went to visit my parents in Destin. The break was so nice and we are all refreshed and ready to conquer the day-to-day all over again!

We've got some strange times ahead of us though. As of March 24th (Saturday) I will no longer be employed. I was a contract employee (long story, won't get into all of that) and it was such a blessing. I got to work full time from home. Perfect. I'm so thankful for that position, but the contract is up and as of today, the company doesn't have anywhere to contract me out too... : (  So, I will be jobless at the end of this week. I should be worried and anxious - and scared of being broke! But, I have had the most beautiful peace during this time and have been overly reminded to TRUST God and remember that He is the provider. So, I am trusting God and not sinning by being anxious and trying to take this into my own hands.  A door is open, but I'm just not sure if it is the right door for our family. So, all prayers are appreciated. I really only want to be part time, so I can spend time at home with Hayes. God knows all of this and I believe has something that I cannot imagine and that will be wonderful. I am praying for faith to hold on the truth I know!

Thanks for reading this... I hope to blog more soon.



  1. sweet pictures amanda! first birthdays are always so fun.
    the job thing... oh, my testimony on that one is a page long :) we were going to be very very much in the hole every month, and yet we've taken vacations every year, bought new vehicles and not once been too short to pay a bill (or eat). He is SO faithful friend. but you knew that!

    1. Amanda - I always love reading your blog! You are in my prayers this week as you end one chapter of your life & await the next. Much Love!