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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Being a Praying Parent

I always think "I'm a praying parent." I pray for Hayes to sleep when I need rest or he is sick and I pray for him to get well when he is sick. We pray at meals and I thank God for him, but I'm not really being a praying parent.

At one of my baby showers, I was given an amazing and thoughtful gift. A simple book called "Mom's Prayer Journal" by Rachel Jones. I knew it was neat but I didn't dive into it immediately.

Then, as many of you know, I was asked to be director (leader, I can't remember the exact term) of our Mom's ministry at church. We do the Jean Stockdale studies (Jean is the Mom's director at Bellevue Baptist in Memphis). And Jean focuses a lot on praying for your children - as we should!

During our session one day, we were discussing the question "do we pray for our children." I was amazed by one women's neat way of praying for her children. She keeps a prayer journal for them. That way, one day - she can go back and show them the prayers she prayed and the way God answered them.

Wow. Really.

So, today - I started being a praying mom. I am using these 2 resources - the Mom's Prayer Journal and a prayer journal for Hayes. The Mom's Prayer Journal is divided into sections and just supplies verses and apply to that topic (ex: Salvation or A heart like His). I love it!

I am already excited about showing Hayes this when he grows up. I hope to have many journals to give him.

Link to Mom's Prayer Journal:

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