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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Halloween, Kearney, BethAnne

I admit, I am terrible at blogging! Mainly because I am chasing around a crawling 8 month old these days and when I have time to sit, I'd rather look at Pinterest than blog!

But, we have been having so much fun these past few months and there are so many events I haven't caught you up on - but, I am only going to hit on 3 tonight.

Halloween was a super fun night. We dressed Hayes up as a bear (thanks Meme) and went to several friends houses. We went to see "Aunt Jenna" and Jonathan - The Giraffe and Ya-Ya and "Aunt Laurel". Hayes might be very confused when he grows up - he only has one aunt (Susan!), but we give all my friends the "aunt" name!! Then, we went over to our very precious friends house to walk around and collect candy. Although, side note - if you want someone to give your 8 month old candy, bring a bucket. We didn't. 

This is a picture of Hayes with Lyric - Beth and Perry Gagliano's little girl who was born about 2 hours before Hayes! It was such a blessing to just be pregnant at the same time as one of my closest friends, but then we got to actually have them on the same day, same hospital, same doctor! So fun!

And some time before Halloween we had an awesome opportunity to go to Oxford for Mat Kearney's show there. If you don't listen to his music, get his new album Young Love and enjoy! It's so fun! For those of you who don't know, Seth's cousin, Annie married Mat. They are in the picture with us below.

And lastly - my great friend BethAnne is currently serving our Father and here are some pictures before she left...
We love you Aunt BethAnne!!

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