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Friday, February 11, 2011

5 things Friday...

My "favorites" from this week.

This should be interesting because when I started thinking "what were my favorite 5 things of this week?", my question turned to "did I have 5 things about this week I liked?" It has been a rough week. Your prayers for strength, patience, joy and endurance will be much appreciated. As I write this, I'm pretty sure my boss just left me here for the day. He said "i'm going to this account, then... well, i'll be out". Which pretty much means - he isn't coming back and I'm stranded till 4. This too shall pass and not steal my joy.

Number 5 - Sonic's Cheese Sticks. 
I love cheese sticks (its a weakness) so I rarely let myself have them - self control? Anyway, I had a coupon for them, which completely justifies why I needed to get them! I love them and had a coupon. All is well. So, I had them. They were amazing. Now I want more.

Number 4 - My Doctor Appointments on Wednesdays. 
Well, this will be hard to explain. Nothing that happens is actually my favorite or enjoyable. But, for some reason - maybe because I expect great news - I look forward to these and love them. They consist of waiting (which I do not like), having blood pressure taken (again, not enjoyable), waiting a lot more, and seeing my doctor for about 3 minutes. During these 3 minutes, she checks me and I get to hear Hayes' heart beat. Maybe that is what makes it all worth it. His heartbeat. Well, no news to report to you this week. Not much has changed. We are still waiting. If he isn't here by the 24th - we will induce. 13 more days. Yeah - I'll be counting down.

Number 3 - Our high school youth...
Wednesday night, the youth prayed over Seth, me and Hayes. That was such a special time and it encouraged me and reminded me of God's great love for us. Thanks Crossgates Youth. Y'all are the best. And see, I love them so much that I'm very sad I will be missing DNow this year. It is the weekend after we have Hayes - so there is no way we will be making it to anything. Bummer!!

Number 2 - My home. 

I love our house. Maybe I'm nesting more.... whatever. I love it. I love being in it - I don't even mind if I have to be cleaning it while I'm there - just get me to it!! Lately, I've been so tired that all I want to do is get to my house and/or bed. So, tonight I'm so happy - Seth and I are eating our digiorno garlic bread pizza and watching The Town on our air mattress in the living room with our fireplace going. Cheese Sticks may have to find a way there too.... or chocolate. Both? We'll see. Anyway, its going to be perfect.

Number 1 - Hayes' Room.

It is so calming and sweet. I washed some of his stuff yesterday so he can come to clean sheets and clothes.

So, there are my 5. But tomorrow - Seth and I are really going to do my FAVORITE thing. I get Shipley's donuts!! I am beyond excited. February 12th is the "anniversary" of the day Seth proposed. Aw... So, we are going to Clinton for a happy breakfast then going to "the place" he proposed. Yay. THEN, going to do exchanges/get the rest of the baby things we need from Target, Walmart and Babies R Us. Fun day, fun day.


  1. Amanda, I love Hayes' Room! It is so sweet and adorable. The green wall color is one of my favorites. And, I love the picture frames. You have done such a wonderful job decorating in there! Good luck! –Kathryn

  2. I LOVE your 5 Things on Friday...I might have to copy for a blog!! Praying for y'all!!!