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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

National Admin-Assistant Appreciation Day!!

So, I came to work today in a bad mood. I was fighting with my hair to do something, ANYTHING normal so I could leave the house. And, I'm sure I was short with Seth - And traffic was awful. So, Beau - my boss has me come into his office to discuss inventory. Then, he calls in Renee, my semi-boss, to discuss this and that. At the end of our conversation he asks me, "So, Amanda -do you have lunch plans today?" "No" - I responded cautiously... "Well, Good", he exclaims, "It's National Admin-Assistant Appreciation Day and we are taking you to lunch. Your choice!" Yay!!!!!! We went to Little Tokyo. I was very satisfied with the day and proud to have been remembered. And then, my boss came in with this awesome flower deal for me!! : ) I love flowers. And these are perfect for my desk....

And for all of you who have ever wondered what my office looks like.. here are some pictures of my desk area. Its pretty spacious.

Happy Admin Day to me!!! And you too if you are an Admin-Assistant!!

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