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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Delta

This weekend our friend Chris and Hayden got married!! I love all weddings, but the ones that let me reunite with some of our really good life long friends make it even better! These are friends Seth has had since the beginning of college and we have stayed close, even though we only see each about twice a year! We are just so thankful for the friendship we have with this group and they are such an encouragement to us.   

This is a picture of the "wives" as of now! Miss you guys already!!

Nathan and Seth.... 

Nathan and Haley enjoying the coffee we finally got!!

Seth and me... by this super cool telephone booth

Us at the wedding.. We look super tired, probably because we stayed up till about 12:30 (which is way past my bedtime) and I was wide awake by 6 ...(Isn't Seth so handsome...!!)

The proud "4-Square Founder's Women"

There they are... the founders...

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