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Friday, August 27, 2010

Baby Price!

Yes yes - We are expecting!!! So sorry to not have updated this in forever. I've been very lazy!

But, here is a picture of our sweet little baby at 8 weeks (and now we are almost 14 weeks...)

What a miracle!!

The Lord is blessing us so much, and we cannot wait to find out more about our sweet little baby!


  1. Congratulations!!! Parenthood is Awesome! Welcome to the club.

  2. Seth and Amanda!!! The Dodds' are so very excited for you! I'm so glad to hear that the Lord is already blessing you so much for this is just the beginning. Y'all will be precious parents! And it's ok to be lazy. ;)

  3. Congrats Amanda!!! That's so exciting!!!! Yaaaay!!! X-D

    -- Sarah

  4. I am so happy for ya'll!!! Congratulations!!!!