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Sunday, April 22, 2012


Our weekend has been so enjoyable. So refreshing and different from our normal routine.

Friday started with a quick run with my great friend Jenna. She is starting to run (yay!) and is doing so well. It's so fun to run with someone and be able to remember the difficult (but worth it) journey it was to begin running and then to train for 1/2 marathons.

Then we had a special lunch to one of our favorite restaurants, The Pizza Shack - YUM! Jenna had never been, so we all loaded up and went for quite a beautiful outdoor lunch. And dinner, at a neighborhood dinner - in a neighborhood we don't live in, but would like to live in one day.  In other words, a few of our friends live in this fun, new neighborhood and wanted to do some neighbor meeting so they had a BBQ and because they love us, invited us too. So fun - met new, great people and hope to hang out again soon.

Saturday - Oh Saturday. We could've never EVER expected all that Saturday entailed. First, it started with a crazy idea to go to a spin class. Seemed harmless enough. But, I still can't really sit just right and kinda hurt more than I'd like... no complaints though! We took sweet Hayes to Melinda and Earl to watch for the night because we had a wedding to attend on the coast. But, after dropping Hayes off, we "ran by Miskelly's" to just walk around. Back story: we've been so blessed to have some couches from my parents house. I love these couches but I hate the slipcovers. So, we've been "looking" on and off for a while - but have never found anything we thought we'd buy... until yesterday. So, I am excited to tell you we have new couches! I can't wait to have you all over to sit on them!! I'll put a picture when they are in my house!! Then, we drove to the coast, enjoyed Neely Ferrell's wedding and came home.

And Sunday - what a nice day it has been so far. I love Hayes and he brings more joy to my life than I could've ever imagined. But, getting a small break every once in a while, is a nice treat. So, I've read, blogged, did laundry, cleaned a bit, made lunch, made breakfast... and its not even 8am yet. So much to accomplish and I am resting too.

On another note: now that we have beautiful couches we are in this kick of updating other areas so we will be painting our dining room soon. Then the front door, then the shutters, then the kitchen... we're going to be tired. Haha! It will be extreme paint makeover. Note to Jenna N. - I'll be borrowing your family I think... you can entertain Hayes and Jonathan can reach the high places so I don't get light headed on a ladder. Perfect plan.

Oh - if you haven't watched Downton Abbey - you should. Seriously.  Click here to begin your journey.

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