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Thursday, December 12, 2013


We are much closer to our BIG move to Conway. I wanted to share God's faithfulness with you. So, in my last blog I told you we were called to move and we would be raising support to live for the first 2 years. Well… we have had 2 support dinners and lots of conversations and dinners over the past few months. Several of you have decided to join us this journey by supporting us and we are so thankful for you. So many of you are praying with us to sell our home and find a house in Conway. Praying for our transition and all the details. Thank you. The body of Christ has been so gracious and loving to us and we will never be the same because of you.

… so where are we in faith journey?

From what we know… we are about doing very well on support raising. So many families have decided to come alongside us to provide monthly. Many have given generous one time gifts. Churches have decided to bless us and be part of this journey.

We are humbled. We prayed that God would provide and we knew we didn't know what form that would come in. But, it has come in the form of loving friends and family who trust God and believe he will accomplish what he has called us to.

Did our house sell?

This is a fun one. No. It has not. And I cannot complain. I've watched dear friends who have houses that have been sitting on the market much longer than ours has been and I've watched how God used this season to grow their faith. So, it has not sold but we continue to pray and trust that it will in His timing. On that note, if you know anyone who wants to buy a house in Brandon - give us a call. : )

So, where will we live?

Well, I have the greatest news. A couple of weeks ago, Seth got a phone call from Kyle (pastor of The Summit Conway). A family who goes to The Summit "just happens" to have a rental house in Conway and it was available. So, they are hoping to make this a home for college girls to live in and disciple in - come next school year, but from January - July, we get to live there - rent free.



Our God is faithful. He is provider. He sees all our needs, and in His timing, provides all we need.

The house needed a little TLC.. and as Katie Reno called it "Extreme Makeover" began today. Our church family in Conway are tearing out bathrooms and carpet and making us a home. Again, humbling. It's really overwhelming to experience love from people who don't know you at all but they just serve you because they love Christ and want to be His love to you.

They are working extremely hard. We hope to be in Conway mid-January!

Look at this crazy - awesome group of guys. 

I got to see these pictures and no more…

AND… another "just so happened" - I got a job that allows me to work from home (and anywhere…) and have Hayes with me. Only God can do that… So, praise the Lord. He provides. He is faithful!! 

So many people have asked "So, what will you be doing till then?' 

Great question. Seth's last day at Crossgates is December 17th. We love our Crossgates family and will miss them so much. They have really blessed us with their love in our last few weeks with them. We will never be able to know or explain all the Lord has done in and through us these past 5 years. Thank you Crossgates. 

From there - we will do Christmas with our families, drive to Conway for a short visit and then come back to Brandon and rest till the BIG move. 

If you will, please continue to pray for us. We need your prayers. We know we can't do any of this without God and we don't want to! Pray in the midst of the change we stay connected to the One who never changes! That we have His peace this during this season. That we experience His love through our transition. That we have His favor on lives as we meet new friends in Conway. That our lovely home in Brandon sells… that we find a home in Conway before July! For our families. For The Summit Conway as we begin as a church. 

This is the greatest journey God has ever taken me on, personally. It has called me to take what I "know" about faith and live it out. To trust God and believe He will do what He says He will. To know him intimately as FAITHFUL and PROVIDER. To not worry or be anxious for anything but in everything to pray… and to have His peace rule in my heart - and it has. I'm so thankful for this journey and we are just in the beginning. I'm thankful for the growth. 

We love y'all. Thanks for reading… I pray you have a very Merry Christmas and that you get to experience Jesus' love this Christmas. 

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  1. This is so beautiful. I love reading your blogs and keeping up with what's going on in your lives. Wishing you all the best!!!