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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Our journey in Mexico! This is an understatement - but the Lord, Our God is so good! Parras de la Fuente is such a beautiful place! There is still so much to unpack... maybe these picture will tell some of the story. We spent a couple of days ministering to a local Church there and helping clean out and paint their new Church! We got to visit the Mexico Outreach Center and see how the Lord is going to use that for His glory and for His name to be spread throughout Mexico!

Here is a picture of us in cold - waiting for the sun to rise over Parras.

Isn't this glorious? While we were praying someone said that they prayed that God's light would cover this city much like this sunrise is! True, and Amen!

That is Archie Stringer, who led the trip - as he is praying over the city during the sunrise.

So, while we were on our to the camping in the mountains, we stopped at the village and took some food to this little girls family... and her mother made these awesome headbands/wraps I am wearing! And this little girl about stole my heart... she is beautiful!

This is the same village, where I am passing out candy to childern who were so happy to see us!!! It was so fun - but so overwhelming to see all these little hands begging for candy!

And...I loved getting to serve with my husband!! love him!

So, we go camping in the moutains... which were an amazing display of God's creation - and this is where Seth slept... finally got to use that hammock we bought him!

Wow... Wow! I wish the pictures captured the incredible beauty of those mountains!!

My favorite part of camping was worshipping the Lord while Seth and Nathan led us ... Thanks guys, it was awesome.

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